Dirk Amrein
Crossover Artist



John Cage (1912-1992):
Concert for piano and sliding trombone (1957-58) …’ Peters 6705

4′ 33” for any instrument or combination of instruments (1952/1960) 4′ 33” Peters 6777/6777a

Variations I for any number of performers and any kind and number of instruments; version for trombone and piano (1958) …’ Peters 6767

Variations II for any number of players and any sound producing means; version for trombone and piano (1961) …’ Peters 6768

Variations III for one or any number of people performing any actions; version for trombone and piano (1962/63) …’ Peters 6797

Variations IV for any number of players, any sounds or combinations of sounds produced by any means, with or without other activities; version for trombone and piano (1963) …’ Peters 6798

Variations V (Thirty-seven remarks re an audio-visual performance) for any number of musicians with photo-electric cells and at least 13 electronically amplified sound-sources; version for trombone, piano and electronics (1965) …’ Peters 6799

Variations VIII (6 Statements re a performance 1967 at Skowhegan, Maine) for any number of musicians who may produce sounds with objects, present at the place of performance; version for trombone and piano (first version: 1967; second version: 1976) …’ Peters 66766 (1st v.); in ‘Cage Box: Originalbeiträge’ (Hg.: H. R. Zeller), Kulturamt Bonn 1979 (2nd v.)

Music for Two for trombone and piano (1984-87) 30′ Peters 67040

Two5 for piano and tenor trombone (1991) 40′ Peters 67419

Henri Dutilleux (*1916):
Chorale, Cadence et Fugato pour trombone et piano (1950) 5′ Leduc

Eric Ewazen (*1954):
Sonata for Trombone and Piano (1993)

Juraj Filas (*1955):
Sonata “At the end of the century” for Trombone and Piano (1999)

Hauke Harder (*1963):
60/240 BPM “Wat mutt, dat mutt” für Posaune und Klavier (1996)

Paul Hindemith (1895-1963):
Sonate für Posaune und Klavier (1941)
Allegro moderato maestoso – Allegretto grazioso – Lied des Raufbolds: Allegro pesante – Allegro moderato maestoso

Klaus Huber (*1924):
Ein Hauch von Unzeit III für 2-7 Spieler (variable Besetzung) (1972) Version für Klavier und Posaune 14′ Breitkopf&Härtel

György Kurtág (*1926):
Hat darab harsonára és zongorára Sechs Stücke für Posaune und Klavier (1978) 10′ Editio Musica, Budapest, nº Z. 14176

Christian Lindberg (*1958):
Los Bandidos for trombone and piano (1998) 2′

Alvin Lucier (*1931):
Panorama for trombone and piano (1993)

Frank Martin (1890-1974):
Ballade for Trombone and Piano (1940)

Martin Messmer:
flat 2 Etude für Posaune und Klavier (1993/2006)

Hans Otte (1926-2007):
Inschriften für Posaune und Klavier (1993)

Friedrich Schenker (*1942):
Fünf Bagatellen für Posaune und Klavier (1964/70)

Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007):
Nr. 41 ½ Tierkreis 12 Melodien der Sternzeichen für ein Melodie- und/oder Akkordinstrument (1974/75); Fassung für Posaune und Klavier (1988) von Mike Svoboda ca. 26′ Stockhausen Verlag

Balz Trümpy (*1946):
Rezitativ und Arioso für Posaune und Klavier aus An Florestan und Eusebius Duos und Trios für Saxophon (Sopran und Bariton), Posaune und Klavier (2010/11) 3′

Christian Wolff (*1934):
Ruth for trombone and piano (1991) 24′


Jonas Baes (*1961):
ni sera nunca (musik für Lieschen) for bass trombone and piano (2010/11)

Frederick Carrilho (*1971):
Aquarelle Suite for trombone and piano (2010/2012) 16′

Luiz E. Castelões (*1977):
Onomatopoeia for trombone and piano (2012) 5′

Chong Kee Yong (*1971):
ancient calling for trombone, piano and tape (2010)

Merrill Clark (*1951):
The Wild Hunt for alphorn, piano and electronics (2009) 15′

Denny Euprasert (*1969):
American Standards for trombone and piano (2012) 7′

Patrick Frank (*1975):
Das Meisterwerk, Version 1 (Studie III zum Jetzt-Möglichen) für Klavier und Posaune (2010) 12′
1. Auf der Grenze zwischen Original und Simulation – In neoromantischem Schein (danse languide)
2. ziemlich gut – (ardent, enthousiaste)
3. in mutigem Glauben
4. Simulation oder Original

Federico González:
Cinco piezas para trombón y piano (2009) 10′

Hoh Chung Shih (*1970):
Parts for trombone and piano (2012) 6-8′

Thomas Lauck (*1953):
…über den Eisvogel und die Ratte (…usili seebwiyo ten tomo) für Posaune, Klavier und Tonband mit Mundharmonika, Glockenspiel, koreanischer Handglocke, Maraca und Trillerpfeife (2012) 20′

Johan Othman (*1969):
whose shadow would fall on for trombone and piano (2011)

Lee Chie Tsang (*1984):
Interfusion -The lament from the Gong- for trombone and piano (2011)

Narong Prangcharoen (*1973):
Aberration of the Earth for trombone and piano (2011)

Benjamín Rosas:
Quetzalapan para trombón y piano (2009) 7′

Pablo Salazar (*1976):
Gold über weiss und schwarz for trombone and piano (2009) 6′

Krisna Setiawan:
Cakrawala for trombone and piano (2011)

Boonrut Sirirattanapan (*1972):
Six Episodes of E.O.D. (inspired by the Oscar winning movie “The Hurt Locker”) for trombone and piano with video (2010/11)
I. A broken E.O.D. robot
II. Bombs hidden in the city ground
III. Camcorder & Car Bomb
IV. Foes Sand Friends
V. By misunderstanding we…
VI. Prey pray

Helena Winkelman (*1974):
stasera für Tenor- und Bass-Posaune und Klavier (2009) 20′

Marc Yeats (*1962):
Orare for bass trombone and piano (2009) 15′

Conversational Geometry for tenor trombone, amplified acoustic guitar and piano (2009) 19’

Yii Kah Hoe (*1970):
Drunken Madness for trombone and piano (2009) 15′


Juro Kim Feliz (*1987, Philippinen):
another perpetuum mobile… for trombone and piano (2011)

RX Gan (Gan Ruo Xian) (*1986, Singapur):
Black and Innocence (here, there and then) for trombone and piano (2011)

William Harsono (*1980, Taiwan):
Brightness in the Dark for trombone and piano (2011)

Stevie Jonathan Sutanto (*1992, Indonesien):
Kmoismopnig for trombone and piano (2011)

Joshua Pangilinan (Philippinen):
revelation for trombone and piano (2011)

Pecdasen (Reis Luke Aquino) (*1992, Philippinen):
Salikop (searching for junction/a search for juncture) for trombone and piano (2011)

Dominic Quejada (*1978, Philippinen):
Prohibitive Aesthetics for trombone and piano (2011)

Alexander John Villanueva (*1989, Philippinen):
threnody II for trombone and piano (2011)