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Amrein & Fröseart

Dirk- Got it.
What a fascinating and completely unique collaboration.

You have proved once again that
‘there is one art, no more no less-to do all things with artfulness’. Piet Hein

It seems to me you found many levels to correspond upon and comment on-from your reactions to the percussive effects of the glass being shaped, to repeated figures that seemed to imitate the sometimes off balance leaning of the sculpture in progress.
The economy of motion of the artist was very Zen-like-
and he seemed to be spontaneously choreographing your music.

Your stamina once again amazes.

Far be it from me to critique a singular. unrepeatable event.
I can’t really imagine how it could have been improved upon.

In admiration of your continuous powers of artistic creation-

Merrill Clark  ,Composer , Manhattan  New York