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“Dirk Amrein performance is one of the most exciting performance one can experience.  He gave every drops of his energy to make sure that all performances are well inspired to the audiences. Your heart will keep beating heavily walking out after his performance.”

Narong Yaay Prangcharoen  Dean of College of Music bei  / College of Music, Mahidol University

Dirk Amrein one of the most talented modern trombonists with great technique and virtuosity. His brilliant artistry and high professional level allow him to perform any pieces of any level of complexity. Happy to collaborate with him!”

Ludmila Yurina Associate Professor of Composition bei / National Music Academy of Ukraine

Dirk Amrein has built a reputation as a go to-trombone player for new music.  He has been premiering works by composers from all around the world.  He is acclaimed for versatility of his playing as well as his insight as an artist-teacher.

Denny Euprasert / Dean of Rangsit University Bangkok.

Dirk Amrein is a very powerful musician, he plays  a lot of different music styles, always with  the highest quality performances.

Pablo Salazar, composer Puebla Mexico

I had the pleasure of meeting Dirk a long time ago at Fazioli Piano, midtown Manhattan and I confess, I didn’t know what to expect, someone was going to play Trombonist from Hell, from another master musician Mr. Merrill Clark a dear friend of mine.

Yea, he was going to play it alone, an almost impossible task.(You need at least 3 other people to do it).

Sitting down, there I was, second row with my mouth wide open with my wandering mind, taking in all the new sounds, new notes that I thought never existed in such an instrument, I had to shake my head. 

I like geniality and I was witnessing it, right in front of my eyes.

I got hooked, Dirk showed us what is possible, when you put your mind to it, and how to improve on the instrument’s flaws or deficiencies by adding beautiful blues and whites funnels, red plunger tops as a mute and mouth and lips the size of the Lincoln Tunnel with a Ferrari chasing a Mack truck while the lungs were working on overdrive with such precision and control that any Fedex logistic expert would be hiring him, on the spot, just to see how his brain is wired.

Dirk, I don’t have any words that would make me able to describe how unique your work is, your kind manners and respect for us not gifted musically as you are and your childlike ways to explore music, create it and push it to the outer limits of the universe, so I can just wish you a long life, lot’s of blessings and wishes that your creativity never ends.

And in a particular note, if your wine (yes, Dirk produces wines), will have the same fun, please sign me up, I love to share a glass with you and understand better your blessings to the world of music.

Thank you, thank you for your existence.

Max Tuta Noronha , Phoenix USA

Dirk Amrein ist ein exzellenter Posaunist mit einem offen Geist der immer für eine Überraschung gut ist. 

Nils Wogram Jazz Posaunist

A few years ago, as special events coordinator, I had the great opportunity to present the trombonist, Mr. Dirk Amrein and pianist, Jürg Henneberger at the Universidade de São Paulo in a masterclass and recital at our music department (CMU). This event was highly satisfying for everybody involved! The trombone, piano and composition students who participated found the masterclasses extremely educational and inspiring, demonstrating special modern techniques on both instruments, employed for the performance of modern music. 

The recital at the department was a breathtaking concert of the duo’s awesome domination and expressivity of their repertoire. All in all, it was a musical journey that the students as well as myself will never forget!

Michael Alpert , Universade de Sao Paulo

Dirk Amrein is a phenomenal musician. A once in a generation trombonist. Fearless in his selection and performances of extremely difficult new music written for his instrument and specifically for his personal skill set. His renditions of my transcriptions of the unaccompanied repertoire of the great solo trombone pioneer, Albert Mangelsdorff, are flawless and his editing of them, essential. Mr. Amrein’s many performances of my composition, “Trombonist from Hell” are sheer perfection and have yet to be equalled or even attempted by any other trombonist. Likewise the encore companion piece “Bone Shredder”. He also inflated and inhabited my composition, “The Wild Hunt” for Alp Horn, piano and electronics in a masterful manner. I am immeasurably indebted to him for bringing to life music that I largely regarded as “imaginary” works destined for my desk drawer. 

Merrill Clark, New York composer

Mr. Dirk Amrein is one of the most dynamic interpreters of trombone music nowadays. Especially, his contribution to commissioning new works from composers in Southeast Asia has inspired the young generation in the region to explore a wide range of possibilities for this special instrument.

Koji Nakano Co-Artistic Director, Asian Young Musicians’ Connection

Dirk is a personable character, his enthusiasm for new music is inspirational. He has a rich creamy sound and does not shy away from exploring the very extremes of what is possible on trombone and brass instruments. Above all else far beyond his great playing is the fact that Dirk is very much a good friend and colleague.

Dr. Brett Baker Solo Trombone Black Dyke Mills Band , clininian of rath trombones

Dirk is a musical explorer, a multitalented, multi instrumentalist whose performances combine virtuosity and humour. When I knew Dirk in Switzerland in the 1990s, he was a talented trombonist. In the decades since then, he has expanded his horizons musically and geographically, providing unique musical experiences to audiences all over the world.

Jeff Segal former principal solotrumpet of tonhalle orchestra zurich

Dirk Amrein is, in my opinion, one of the most respected brass players today, performing with versatility and virtuosity in different musical genres, from Traditional to Jazz, from Classical to Contemporary. His performances are attractive and very engaging. 

Antonio Celso Ribeiro – Composer – Professor of Composition at Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil.

Es ist immer wieder erstaunlich, was Dirk mit einem Instrument alles machen, welche Effekte er erzielen kann, mit beeindruckenden Klangfarben und Tonhöhen. Das Video empfinde ich sehr archaisch, das erinnert mich stellenweise, vor allem am Anfang auch an das Vorspiel der Oper Rheingold. Was mir hier besonders auffällt, das sind die großen Tonsprünge und die interessante Mischung mit den Nebenklängen, die Dirk erzeugt. Und, was für eine technische Herausforderung ist es, die Intervalle zu singen neben dem Spielen! Was mir besonders gefällt ist die Tatsache, dass alle Klänge in seinen Improvisationen natürlich und nicht synthetisch erzeugt werden.

Rainer Egger Instrumentenbauer Egger Instrumentenbau Basel Schweiz

Meine Freundschaft zu Dirk ist wirklich eine sehr, sehr lange Geschichte! Wir kennen uns fast seit dreißig Jahren! Wir haben oft in Kammerformation gespielt wie, zum Beispiel, Blechbläserquintett.

Jedes Mal hat es immer Spass gemacht. Unkompliziert und mit guter Laune. Einfach Musik machen. 

Dirk ist ein vielfaltiger Musiker. Er fühlt sich in jedem Bereich wohl. Von Barockmusik zu zeitgenössische Musik habe ich , von ihm, immer eine engagierte Leistung erlebt. Einfach fantastisch! Man weiss ja wie oft dieses Repertoire des 21. Jahrhunderts anspruchsvoll sein kann. Dirk, mit seiner Posaune, mit seiner engen Beziehung zu dieser Art von Musik, schaft es immer das Publikum dafür zu begeistern! 

Wenn sie die gelegenheit haben, ein Konzert von Dirk zu besuchen… Gehen sie einfach hin, setzen sie sich, machen sie ihre Augen zu und geniessen sie diesen Monent. Sie werden begeistert sein!

Philippe Litzler Solotrompete Tonhalle Orchester Zurich

Mr Dirk Amrein is one of the top creativity and diversity musicians I ever work with,  his board interests in different cultures and music genres  are remarkable!  I’m honored to work with him on several music projects and composed my “Ancient calling ” for him. I’m looking forward to working with him more in my music journey!  

Dr Chong Kee Yong 
Composer,  artistic director of SMCC SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival

‘In the many years of working with Dirk Amrein, I have appreciated the opportunity to provide a mouthpiece he can use in his very demanding musical requirements. His performance pieces are unique, which range from solo pieces written specifically for him to a Bach Cello Suite. Thank you for the opportunity and looking forward to many years of collaboration ahead, Dirk!’

Greg Black gregblackmouthpieces New York

Dirk is a musician of the utmost caliber. His energy and enthusiasm, incredible technique and musicality touches all of his work. Dirk is also fearless and will learn the most challenging contemporary music that in stamina and technique, would leave many other brass players reeling in shock. As a musician to collaborate with, Dirk is punctual with deadlines, very hard working, enthusiastic, energetic, committed, professional and great fun. He is singularly one of the most impressive musicians and brass players I have met so far in my career. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with him. I recommend Dirk Amrein unreservedly.

Marc Yeats Composer and Painter , England

Dirk Amrein is extraordinary musician, I like his passion in contemporary music, he has the ability to challenge himself to exceed any boundaries, mastery of various styles of music such as classical, jazz and experimental music. We have been working together for many years, such a fun person, it has been an honor and a privilege to work with Dirk.

Yii Kah Hoe Composer and lecturer at SEGi College Subang Jaya , kuala lumpur , malaysia

Dirk Amrein und seine Posaune gehört und gesehen zu haben heißt spüren und verstehen können, dass vorne nur das rauskommen kann was hinten reinbläst.”

Manfred Willi Reichert , freier Künstler

I first met Dirk when we were both members of the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra under Claudio Abbado and Ricardo Chailly in 1993.Even back then his artistry stood out from the crowd, he took on the notorious tenor horn solo in Mahler 7, his playing was glorious.
Since then it has been my pleasure to stay in touch with Dirk and see his wonderful work, always pushing the boundaries and tirelessly breaking new ground for our fabulous instrument.
I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the future, keep an eye on him, he won’t disappoint!!

Mark Hampson , Bass Trombone Mahler Chamber Orchestra , Lucerne Festival Orchestra