Duo Amrein-Henneberger

Dirk Amrein and Jürg Henneberger are working together since 30 years . The Duo Amrein-Henneberger was founded 2008 . Before that they worked together in the Ensemble Phoenix Basel , The Stadttheater Basel , IGNM Ensemble Basel and in different chamber music groups. Meanwhile there have been written more then 100 pieces for this Duo . So it is one of the most active Duo s in the world in that rare combination trombone and piano.

International Concert Brass Soloists

International Concert Brass Soloists is a quintet of brass musicians who, as the name says, have already been soloists on an international level.

In February 2005 this quintet was formed but we did not just want to form a brass quintet with musicians who play to a high musical standard. We wanted more. For this reason it is very important for us that we get along very well with each other and that we share certain ideas about music and life. Only in this way is it possible to maintain a constant, teamwork-orientated group.

In our opinion, the aim of making music should not only be to play the right notes but above all to revive the notes on the music sheets so that music finds its way to the hearts of the auditors. We can only reach this aim if all musicians work together and play their instrument with passion.

We are very pleased to have played at a variety of events for different audiences and to have delivered the joy of music to many people. According to that we have a wide repertoire which can be adapted to every occasion.

Amrein –Froese

Dirk Amrein and Wolfgang Froese are working together since 15 years . They did spontaneous improvisations and complete shows. While Dirk Amrein is improvising Wolfgang Froese is creating a special art work . 2013 they worked in the Tinguely Museum Basel together for a project called Metaobsession . Outtakes of this procession about Jean Tinguely can be watched in Dirk Amreins youtube channel.