Duo Amrein-Henneberger

Dirk Amrein and Jürg Henneberger are working together since 30 years . The Duo Amrein-Henneberger was founded 2008 . Before that they worked together in the Ensemble Phoenix Basel , The Stadttheater Basel , IGNM Ensemble Basel and in different chamber music groups. Meanwhile there have been written more then 100 pieces for this Duo . So it is one of the most active Duo s in the world in that rare combination trombone and piano.

Hot threesome stompers

The Hot Threesome Stompers are the hottest band on earth . A trio where everybody is playing multiple instruments. From New Orleans to Folk Music they can play any kind of music to entertain the audience. A group you will never forget when you heared them in action.

Amrein –Froese

Dirk Amrein and Wolfgang Froese are working together since 15 years . They did spontaneous improvisations and complete shows. While Dirk Amrein is improvising Wolfgang Froese is creating a special art work . 2013 they worked in the Tinguely Museum Basel together for a project called Metaobsession . Outtakes of this procession about Jean Tinguely can be watched in Dirk Amreins youtube channel.